Enhanced Meters


FEUS is dedicated to improving services to our customers. Beginning January, we will be upgrading electric meters throughout our entire service area. Each meter will be replaced with an enhanced meter, which is a digital electric meter that can communicate basic energy usage through a secure wireless network.

This comes at NO ADDITIONAL COST to our customers.


Each meter will take approximately 1 to 5 minutes to replace. Your electric service will be briefly interrupted while the work is being completed. You do not have to be present as long as workers can access your meter. If workers are unable to access your meter and you are not home, they will leave a door hanger requesting you to schedule a time for them to do the installation. 

Not all features of the new meters will be operational immediately upon installation. However, as we install additional enhanced meters and put new technologies in place, we will provide customers with updates about the benefits and new features available.

FEUS anticipates the entire upgrading project will take about six years to complete. This includes customer meter replacement and equipment upgrades on the service side.


FEUS is taking a step forward in empowering its customers through an improved system. Here are the top five benefits customers can expect of enhanced meters:

1. Faster outage response and restoration of service. FEUS will receive real-time information so when there’s a power outage, we’ll be able to locate and troubleshoot the outage quicker. *Customers are encouraged to still call with information that may be helpful in troubleshooting an outage, such as, you hear a loud pop in your backyard and your power goes out.

2. Customers will have real-time access to their usage data so they can make informed decisions about their utility services

3. Remote meter reading will help reduce traffic in neighborhoods and the need for FEUS personnel to enter your property.

4. Improved reliability so the customer has fewer service interruptions

5. Efficiency helps keep customers’ costs low

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Enhanced Meters FAQsEnhanced Meter Graphic

Enhanced electronic technology has become the norm in many aspects of our daily lives, such as smart phones. The use of similar technology by utility systems often raises questions. Here are some of the most common questions about enhanced meters.

1. Will my account and usage information remain confidential?

FEUS is, and will continue to be, in compliance with standards for cyber security and privacy, including standards set by the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC). Our systems also comply with federal and state regulations. Meters and the associated communications system are encrypted and equipped with security features to prevent unauthorized access. In addition, FEUS adheres to strict policies, following state laws that regulate the use of personal information gathered for business purposes, such as billing and customer service.

2. Will FEUS be able to tell what I am doing in the privacy of my home?

No! FEUS will be able to collect data on how much energy is used at specific times, but we will have no way of knowing how energy is used. For example, we won’t know what appliances are being used at any time.

3. Are Enhanced Meters Safe and Accurate?

Yes. Enhanced meters are safe and accurate. They are subject to strict manufacturing design standards and must meet standards and requirements set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Enhanced meters must meet the safety requirements and standards of the National Electric Safety Code (NESC). Public service commissions  require independent certification proving that enhanced meters are resistant to heat, fire, voltages, surges and self-heating. Enhanced meters are installed and uninstalled only by trained professionals, exercising standard safety precautions.

4. Will my new meter make my bills higher?

Enhanced meters measure utility usage in exactly the same way as our previous meters. The new meters will continue to measure only the actual amount of service you use, and the meter itself will not cause your bills to increase or decrease.

5.   Will the communication system interfere with my home or business equipment?

Enhanced meters should not adversely affect the stability or performance of home wireless networks. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates all electronics to prevent one type of electronic equipment from interfering with other electronic and wireless devices that operate in the same frequency band.

6. Does living in a house with an enahnced meter increase my risk of cancer?

Enhanced meters give off the same low-energy radiation (RF) as cell phones, Wi-Fi routers and cordless phones. Because the amount of RF radiation a person could be exposed to from an enhanced meter is much less than what you could be exposed to from a cell phone (mainly because the meter is located outside the home), it is very unlikely that living in a house with an enhanced meter increases the risk of cancer. This is a summary of information provided by the American Cancer Society. To read the full article, click HERE.