Complete Street Headquarters

Complete Streets Headquarters established on Main Street in 2017

The City of Farmington feels it is important for Downtown Farmington: A MainStreet Project and our Main Street Complete Streets Project Manager to be housed on Main Street.

Our Assistant City Manager, Julie Baird, stated the city recognized the benefits of utilizing a City-owned store front (sitting on Main Street) as a "Head Quarters" for the Main Street Complete Streets construction project. Out of that vision, HQ at 119 was born. The building has turned into a cozy, but chic, information hub for curious business owners, building owners, or residents--even passerby's! The goal of HQ is multifaceted. We wanted to be transparent and open about our plans for this project, and we wanted to make it easy and convenient for stakeholders to access project information. The City recognizes the potential economic growth that could result from a project of this magnitude, but the City also recognizes the challenges that come with a large-scale infrastructure investment. Creating and establishing HQ at 119 was our way of saying, "Downtown, we're committed to you from start to finish!" It's our way of making sure business, building owners, and residents are informed and taken care of before, during, and after construction. It's also our commitment to the economic success and vitality of the downtown corridor before, during, and after the Main Street Complete Streets project.

Please visit the Complete Streets Headquarters at 119 W. Main Street, located in Downtown Farmington.

HQ picture