Building & Inspections

Plans Review
Fire Marshal Office staff review all new non-resident plans, and maintain a strong working relationship with the city Building Department. Plans are reviewed for both new construction and for any alterations with significant changes or a change in occupancy in the structure.

Fire Inspections
The City of Farmington utilizes national fire codes and local ordinances to ensure the safety of city residents and visitors. We inspect educational facilities, assembly occupancies, operational commercial buildings, and final construction. The City of Farmington requires final inspections prior to issuing a Certificate of Occupancy. A business inspection must be completed to obtain a business license from the City Clerk's office. Inspectors from the Fire Marshal's Office do inspections for flow testing under ground water supply for sprinkler systems, rough-in inspections, hydro pressure tests and fire supply line flush, sprinkler final inspection, and building final inspections.

We also do business inspections for businesses that are set up and ready to start business and need a business license. For a printable version click here.
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