Deposit Information

New Customer Deposit

New customers will be charged a deposit if they cannot provide a letter of reference from another electric, water or gas utility. 

Existing Customer Deposit

Existing Customers will be charged a deposit if their account has been processed for disconnection, is disconnected for nonpayment, has had a returned check or has received three warning tags within the last 12 months for residential customers and the last 36 months for commercial customers.

Deposit Amount

The Farmington Electric Utility System requires a deposit equal to the greater of $100 per service or the highest historical bill (with usage) in the last 12 months X 2 for the location, as a guarantee that the final utility bill, if left unpaid, will be satisfied. Residential deposits are held for 12 months and commercial deposits for 36 months and then are automatically credited with interest (if applicable) to the customer's account as long as the customer maintains a good credit history during the same time period. 

Deposit Explanation

Deposits protect the utility and other customers from having to pay the cost of bills left unpaid by other utility customers. If service is disconnected prior to 12 months for residential service or 36 months for commercial service, the deposit being held will automatically be refunded onto the account to pay the final bill. Any credit amount on the account after all charges have been paid will be refunded back to the customer. 

Avoid a Deposit

Customers will not be charged a deposit if they pay their current charges on or before the due date printed on the monthly billing statement they receive from the utility. If you receive a disconnection notice with your utility statement that you think is in error, or if you need to make special arrangements for payment, please immediately call 505-599-1353 and talk to us.

Further Information

If you have further questions regarding deposits, please contact us at 505-599-1353.