How Do I Apply?

Volunteers make a valuable contribution!  Your time is valuable, whether you are available for just a few hours or a number of days in the week.  Your volunteerism can be utilized to improve the quality of life in Farmington and add to your own opportunity to grown and learn new skills.

Volunteer Process

Citizen Involvement Programs

Volunteer Programs

Short-Term Projects, Long-Term Projects, Special Events, and Ongoing Opportunities

Various departments within the City request volunteer help for long and short-term projects
special events (sometimes for a single-day event - perhaps even for just a few hours! Groups often sign up to volunteer for this type of event) and ongoing assignments . These events and opportunities will be listed (with service descriptions) as they arise throughout the year.
Once your Application has been received by the Human Resources Department it will be forwarded to the appropriate Volunteer Coordinator and/or supervisor.

Applicants for Boards, Commissions, or Committees will be interviewed by the Mayor.

Applicant's for short-term, long-term, and ongoing opportunities will be interviewed by the volunteer coordinator or supervisor. The interview will inform the volunteer about the available opportunities, and give the volunteer coordinator or supervisor an insight to the volunteer's interests, skills, and talents.

All applicants may undergo a background check.

As volunteers are given assignments, the volunteer coordinator and/or supervisor will give the volunteer adequate training to help insure a successful result.

Volunteers will be guided by the City of Farmington's Personnel Rules. Volunteers who do not abide by or violate the responsibilities will be subject to dismissal.