Long Range Planning

Farmington Housing Snapshot Draft Review

City staff is currently seeking community input on the Farmington Housing Snapshot PDF draft report!Cover

This housing report focuses on providing updated housing information in Farmington while reviewing a number of factors that make up the housing market including demographics, economics, income, housing preferences, as well as the rental and real estate markets. 

Please contact Colby Gibson with the planning division with any questions or feedback on the report. 

cgibson@fmtn.org or (505) 599-1455


Long Range Planning focuses on working with other City staff and stakeholders in the community to achieve the goals outlined in the Comprehensive Plan. Staff works to pro-actively develop and implement Farmington's long-term vision, values, goals, and policies to help guide the physical, social, and economic aspects of the City. Many of the plans and projects may take several years to fully implement, as many as 15 or 25 years. 



2040 Future Land Use Plan

2040 Comprehensive Plan 


Farmington Wildland Urban Interface Map

 Harvest Food Hub